Acting Out Musical Theatre


Sept. 25th rehearsal – TWO HOURS! (6:30-8:30 PM)

We’re at our usual rehearsal location – St. Albert Catholic High School.

Map link is HERE.

If anyone can show up early, we’ll happily put you to work moving some tables and putting out chairs.

And now… WE SELL TICKETS!  Sell, sell, sell – it’s going to be a great show experience!

See you there at 6:30.


Sept. 27th rehearsal:

Red Willow Community Church, 2:00 PM.

Map link is HERE.

Theme: Emphasis on DyNAmics!



Who Has Seen the Wind

An Irish Blessing

revisit World Without Music

If anyone can show up early, we’ll happily put you to work putting out chairs, so Criselda doesn’t have to do it alone.

See you there at 2:00!

Welcome to Acting Out Musical Theatre.

Home of

(St. Albert choir)

(drop-in choir) and

(our namesake musical theatre troupe)

Singing, dancing, and acting for 15 years and counting!

Acting Out

Our Musical Theatre troupe has entertained audiences since 2008!

Watch for The Hammet Hawk coming soon – a 40’s-style radio show mystery!

Starting: Sept. 11, 2023
Show : October 7, 2023

So Noted

Looking for choral singing in St. Albert?  

Join Criselda Mierau Monday evenings for an uplifting and unforgettable experience – all in 4-part harmony!

Starting: Sept. 11, 2023
Show : October 7, 2023

Forte Plus

Afternoon choral singing on a drop-in basis?  You got it!  Wednesday afternoon sessions give you the flexibility to attend one or all.

Starting: Sept. 13, 2023

Criselda Mierau, our amazing artistic director!

When the Spanish Fascists forbade Pete Seeger from singing multiple songs on his play list at a venue there, he complied.

He went out, told people that he’d been forbidden to sing those songs. So he did not sing them, but *played* them, and observed that the police had not said that the people couldn’t sing them. And the audience did.

Criselda Mierau

Founding Artistic Director

So Noted and
Forte Plus
St. Albert choirs

Artistic Director of Acting Out since its inception in 2008, Criselda is thrilled to add two choirs to the AOMT family.


Join us on Monday nights with So Noted!  All voice parts are welcome.  Two trial rehearsals allow you to come and try us on for size.  This choir will feature focused rehearsals, performances, rehearsal recordings, possible tours, unique opportunities from solos to small groups and widely-varied choral material.


Join us on Wednesday afternoons for casual choral singing offering a variety of genres and styles as a no-commitment drop-in opportunity. These one hour afternoon sessions will also explore local performance options. Come and join Forte Plus for an hour of singing some new, some old and some completely unexpected songs and workshop experiences.  Discover more about your own voice and how it blends with others, all while exploring various genres and styles.  No experience necessary.

October 7th
"The Hammet Hawk"

What is The Hammet Hawk?

NOT the Maltese Falcon, NOT the Sam Spade Seagull … this is The Hammet Hawk!
This old-fashioned ‘radio play’ in full costume, with sound effects galore, is set somewhere in the 1920s to 40s and takes place within a run-down museum whose glory days are long gone — or are they? After all, the museum is hosting a gala this very night to unveil the famous Hammet Hawk – a priceless artifact ripe for the stealing. 
Is it the diva desperate to recover her fading fame and fortune? The nosy reporter on the hunt for her first big headline? And how did the shabbily-dressed chiropractor (who seems to be hoarding the canapes) even get in here?
Join us inside the museum and the minds of so many possible thieves and motives!
Come early and enjoy strolling magician Kent Wong as he sets the mood for this gala event.  Our signature drink “the hammet hawk” is sure to please your palette, and canapes will arrive throughout the evening.  Our new choir So Noted will also be on exhibit at our “museum”!

With special pre-show guest

Kent Wong is one of the most sought after entertainers in North America. With numerous appearances on national television, he is also a two-time, international Gold Medal Champion and a member of Hollywood’s famous Magic Castle.

Kent has astounded audiences with his unique brand of magic and humour for over 35 years. From strolling magic to banquet shows and grand scale illusions, Kent has done it all. He’s just as comfortable entertaining a small group of employees as he is in front of 2000 corporate executives.

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The Acting Out Musical Theatre Guild would like to acknowledge that we are on Treaty 6 Territory, a traditional meeting ground, gathering place, and traveling route for many Indigenous Peoples. We honour and recognize the rich artistic, cultural, and musical traditions of the Cree, Nakota Sioux, Metis, Dene, Saulteaux, and the many more Indigenous communities that call this land we share, home.