Acting Out Musical Theatre

THE HAMMET HAWK – October 7th!

What is the Hammet Hawk?

NOT the Maltese Falcon, NOT the Sam Spade Seagull … this is The Hammet Hawk!

This old-fashioned ‘radio play’ in full costume, with sound effects galore, is set somewhere in the 1920s to 40s and takes place within a run-down museum whose glory days are long gone — or are they? After all, the museum is hosting a gala this very night to unveil the famous Hammet Hawk – a priceless artifact ripe for the stealing. 

Is it the diva desperate to recover her fading fame and fortune? The nosy reporter on the hunt for her first big headline? And how did the shabbily-dressed chiropractor (who seems to be hoarding the canapes) even get in here?

Join us inside the museum and the minds of so many possible thieves and motives!

Come early and enjoy strolling magician Kent Wong as he sets the mood for this gala event.  Our signature drink “the hammet hawk” is sure to please your palette, and canapes will arrive throughout the evening.  Our new choir So Noted will also be on exhibit at our “museum”!

Come early for our strolling and performing magician, Kent Wong, who will dazzle you and set the perfect mood.